Decision making, ship building, pre-emptive retaliation. Save the Earth, Kaiser Earth.


All the games:


Flying Disc Jammers
Arcade future sports.

Flying Disc Jammers is an arcade future sports game, influenced (strongly) by the 1994 Neo Geo game Flying Power Disc/Windjammers. Attempt to throw the disc past your opponent to score by using your skill with the disc, and the spring-loaded barriers. After catching you have 1 second to act, the faster you react the more powerful your throw.  

WIP – current build is earliest possible playable version.

Kaiser Earth
Decision making, ship building, pre-emptive retaliation; save the earth.

A scifi strategy game about defending the earth from extraterrestrial threats.      

Has been updated so you can toggle between an ‘action’ style control mode and the original strategic controls.


Ersatz Clinamen
A digital acoustic art installation.

A digital reproduction (with additions) of an installation called clinamen by the French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot.     

Makes for an interesting noise machine, helps me sleep sometimes


The duel of power and intellect.

A 2-player local (shared keyboard) wizard duelling simulator. Defeat your rival with your mastery of magic or your infinite knowledge.  

Wizards battling on a tower!

Jam Games
Stuff that I’ve made during game jams!

Jams that I’ve participated in. So far: GameMakingFrenzy’13, Walking Dead Game Jam ’13

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